Healthcare Matters is an independent voice covering the healthcare industry’s supply chain. We focus on the perspectives of the buyers, sellers, intermediaries and payors in the context of the roles they play, the challenges they face, the problems they create, the solutions they implement and the innovations they talk about, as they work to continuously improve and create value for the industry.

And because we’re all consumers of healthcare, we don’t avoid what’s happening in Washington and in our state capitols. We can’t. Federal and state governments are payors –in fact, they pay for close to half of the total services consumed– so we can’t ignore the impact of their actions or lack thereof. Besides, it’s great theater.

As said, our area of interest is the healthcare supply chain, and because our mothership is SpendMatters (the longest running and most widely read independent voice covering the supply chain industry), we have a well-schooled nose for what’s important to our readers and how to document our findings in ways that facilitate action, and in doing so, serve an important purpose.  We have some leverage.  There’s a lot more behind Healthcare Matters than meets the eye!

While we’re on the subject, and in addition to Healthcare Matters, our family includes Spend Matters, Spend Matters UK and Metal Miner. Each is focused on reporting the challenges, solutions and best practices of their respective industries, geographies and the nuances that distinguish each from the other. We are very much a team and passionate about what we do, because we’ve all been employed as supply chain professionals in one or more capacities and we all know how critically undervalued and historically overlooked the profession and its practitioners have been.

All of that is changing –for a reason—and we would like to think that we’re doing our part.