RT-MediBus Announces Integration With MacPractice PMS

MacPractice, a provider of clinical and business connectivity solutions, today announced the integration of RT-MediBus Ambulatory EHR (Electronic Health Records) system with MacPractice PMS. The joint solution will give MacPractice PMS users access to the flexible, cloud-based RT-MediBus EHR system on a low-cost subscription basis –from within MacPractice.

In just eight years, MacPractice has gone from co-founder Patrick Clyne‘s basement to planning for a $15 million, seven-story building in downtown Lincoln.  Founded in May 2004, the company now earns $15 million in annual revenue from its practice management software for health care providers — physicians, dentists, chiropractors and eye doctors — who also love Apple. MacPractice software is installed in about 4,000 medical offices in 27 countries, with approximately 30,000 users.

RT-MediBus is a cloud-based EHR, certified as a complete ONC-ATCB EHR for ambulatory care. RT-MediBus EHR, facilitated by its UbiKare app for iPad and Android tablets, assists physicians in increasing revenues by making their office and clinic more efficient while making the transition to EHR relatively easy.

By seamlessly integrating with MacPractice PMS, users will be able to use MacPractice PMS for scheduling and billing while clinical note taking and clinical and management reporting will flow out of RT-MediBus. The seamless integration ensures that data entered in MacPractice will automatically populate RT-MediBus, and charges and other data will be sent back to MacPractice resulting in major efficiencies.

“We have had numerous requests from doctors who prefer to use Apple technology to provide a cloud-based EHR that works with MacPractice, thus we have developed a relationship with RT-MediBus to leverage their technological innovations and to offer their cloud-based EHR to our clients,” said Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice. “Product support and on-site implementation will be performed by MacPractice, utilizing the same personnel and infrastructure resources we currently make available to our 30,000 MacPractice users. We are excited to work with RT-MediBus.”

RT-MediBus, in conjunction with MacPractice, provides numerous features such as appointments and scheduling, patient history, clinical charting, e-prescribing, lab orders and results, and tracking patient referrals. Providers have access to patient information from hospitals, clinics, homes and patient portals, and the joint solution features integration with labs, HIEs, and billing providers. Transcription and voice recognition options are available as well.

The RT-MediBus UbiKare iPad app is currently available on the Apple Store. The app permits physicians to view real time vitals and clinical notes and e-prescribe. In late February RT-MediBus will release UbiKare 2, which will enable clinical note taking on the iPad and help to revolutionize EHR adoption.

“Ease of use has been a major impediment to EHR adoptions. Many physicians find it time consuming and distracting to enter data when they see patients. Furthermore, customizing templates to each physician’s specific needs has not been that easy or inexpensive in most EHR systems,” said RT-MediBus CEO Sethu Nambiar. “RT-MediBus’s UbiKare 2 app for iPad will not only let a physician record clinical data during a patient visit easily, but also enable them to do so without increasing time spent, changing their work style or having to learn new skills.”


This has got to be welcomed news, not only for current MacPractice users, but for the huge numbers of physicians who have lost patience –not patients— working in multiple computing environments. Physicians who love their Apple products and have been waiting for an EHR solution that allows them to take advantage of the “meaningful use” payment incentives have now got another solid option to consider.

Source: Press Announcement –RT Medibus and MacPractice

—Tom Finn

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