GHX and Grand & Toy Join Forces to Put the Emphasis on Sustainability For SCM Efficiency

Canada-based B2B solutions provider Grand & Toy has joined the GHX electronic trading exchange. And not surprising when coming from our friends to the north, the emphasis will be on driving automation and enhanced collaboration throughout the supply chain –with “sustainability” as the driving context.

The deal provides Grand & Toy a way to offer its Canadian healthcare customers the ability to process a complete set of electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions through the GHX Exchange, which includes purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advanced shipment notifications and invoices. The entire transaction set. “By automating previously manual processes, both Grand & Toy and its customers can improve accuracy, boost productivity and minimize manual rework to enhance operational performance and reduce waste.”

“GHX was a natural fit for us because so many of our customers already transact business with other suppliers through the GHX Exchange,” said Maria Borges, vice president of Business Development, Grand & Toy. “We anticipate that both our organization and our customers will derive mutual benefit from supply chain process automation. Furthermore, our GHX membership reinforces Grand & Toy’s corporate sustainability efforts to minimize our supply chain carbon footprint and aid customers in their progress toward a sustainable office model.”

“Grand & Toy’s participation in the GHX Exchange is a major step forward in our efforts to broaden the GHX community beyond medical-surgical supplies and into other strategic spend areas in healthcare,” said Nils Clausen, general manager, GHX Canada. “While historically healthcare trading partners would initiate EDI through purchase orders and PO acknowledgements, more and more are now launching right into advanced transaction sets so that they can derive the greatest value from EDI from the onset of their electronic business relationships.”

Grand & Toy operates one of the Canada’s largest distribution networks, so this is a nice deal for GHX. In addition, because the firm is known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, its inclusion in the GHX network will undoubtedly add some operationalized experience, if not “fresh attitude” to other members of the network seeking to more emphatically introduce the constructs of sustainability to their thinking.

—Tom Finn

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