A.T. Kearney in the News: Heavy Hitter Joins Healthcare Practice

A.T. Kearney is on a very short list of companies that can credibly assert that it not only helped establish strategic sourcing as a discrete corporate function, but that it made strategic sourcing a CEO-agenda issue. Former execs of A.T. Kearney –much like GE—conspicuously dot the landscape in high-ranking positions across many highly regarded supply chain management consultancies and similarly focused software companies. And there’s a reason for it. They produce.

Like most experienced players at the top of their game, they can spot low hanging fruit faster than a hungry predator spots wounded prey. And what do they all have in common? They all know sourcing.

Well-executed sourcing engagements are gold. The results don’t just speak for themselves, but they fund additional initiatives that lead to long-term and mutually profitable engagements. So it was with that in mind that I took a special interest in a recent letter I received from A.T. Kearney’s PR office announcing that Mr. Rajeev Kapoor had joined the firm as a Partner, working out of the company’s New York City office.

“Mr. Kapoor’s background, which is rich in traditional performance improvement, business restructuring and cost-structure innovation experience, broadens the capabilities and reach of A.T. Kearney’s Health Practice. Mr. Kapoor  notes, “For any fundamental changes to happen, the industry has to evolve from a mentality of ‘build it and they will come,’ with its service-oriented approach, to an attitude of ‘prove the value that the patient is getting.’” Mr. Kapoor will focus on “the nexus point of patient, provider, payer and pharma.”

Observes David Hanfland, Partner and Head of A.T. Kearney’s Health Practice, “A combination of rapidly changing technology and evolving consumer behavior is making the traditional healthcare service provider models obsolete. Our clients are looking for new business models that are both more in line with their customers’ needs and more effective in the use of their resources.” He adds, “Kapoor’s breadth of experience and insight into healthcare payers and service providers positions him ideally to develop powerful and creative solutions.”

Source: A.T. Kearney

—Tom Finn

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