PwC’s Top 10 Technology Trends for Business — “Same as it ever was…”

Taken from the Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime,” I found myself thinking and singing the lyric “same as it ever was” while reading this year’s top technology trends. Frankly, there really isn’t much new to it, unless “gamification” strikes you a little more suddenly than it did me.

In its 2013 Top 10 Technology Trends for Business report released late yesterday, PwC US revealed its opinions about the most significant trends in technology –the ones that are reshaping strategies, business models, and will drive enterprise investments this year. “Our top trends report shows that a diverse and complex set of technologies are emerging, which CIOs and the C-suite need to embrace and incorporate into their business from strategy through execution,” said Chris Curran , a PwC principal and Chief Technologist for the U.S. firm’s Advisory practice. “Collaboration within organizations will be crucial to business success as each of the technologies has the potential to be a key driver in an organization’s business agenda.”

According to PwC, these are the 10 significant trends that will impact businesses this year:

  • Pervasive Computing: The ability to digitally engage and interact (via your mobile devices) with enabled objects around you is no longer the exclusive domain of the geeks among us.
  • Cyber Security: Continues to be a pressing issue. Put another way, cyber security continues to be a blind spot for most organizations –even in healthcare. The prevailing wisdom is to go with the big boys when, truthfully and like always, most all of the thought leadership and innovation is coming from the newer, specialized players.
  • Big Data Mining & Analysis: An obvious choice. Prices come down, demand goes up.
  • Private Cloud: Due to security and regulatory concerns, larger enterprises have been primarily operating in a trial mode of private/hybrid clouds and this will change in 2013. Again, poor leadership by IT managers in this domain results in needless delays.
  • Enterprise Social Networking: Becoming a core tool for the new social workforce; the key insight for organizations succeeding in building value from this technology is for most to take a step back and find budget for a “do over.”
  • Digital Delivery of Products & Services: Customers are driving companies of all shapes and sizes to develop new, technology-based ways of delivering value. Digital delivery of products and services can open tremendous new pathways for growth, but companies must shift their underlying business operations to support this new business model. Can I at least communicate with my doctor in email?
  • Public Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud adoption will continue to mature with hybrid cloud architecture becoming the mainstay as companies of all sizes leverage public cloud services –cloud revisited.
  • Data Visualization: Leading edge companies will explore dynamic virtualization techniques and advanced display devices to navigate through multiple dimensions of data –big data revisited.
  • Simulation & Scenario Modeling: Organizations are increasingly focusing on simulation models that enable executives to envision the potential impact of their choices before making investments –big data revisited.
  • Gamification: With its combination of game mechanics, social networking, interactive media and behavioral analytics, gamification can transform a business. Hmm?

So, we’re still chattering about the cloud and its various iterations (like it’s new) and CIOs are still moving slow because they don’t understand Internet data security as well as they should. And then there’s big data and social networking/media. Surely, these were on last year’s list? And after that, well in my book, they’re all like hillbilly cousins: They look pretty much the same and never move. “I’ve been out here so long I saw myself last year…”

To learn more about its 2013 Top 10 Technology Trends and to get a copy of the PwC report, click here:

Source: PRNewswire

—Tom Finn

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