Premier & Britain’s Deltex Medical Partner to Research Enhanced Recovery Pathways

The Premier healthcare alliance and Deltex Medical have initiated a new research partnership to improve care for colorectal surgery patients. Deltex Medical is a British medical technology company which has pioneered evidence-based approaches to individualized intra-operative fluid management. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of Esophageal Doppler Monitoring (EDM) equipment which allows doctors to identify and manage small changes in circulating blood volume with far greater precision. The company’s individualized Doppler-guided fluid management technology, CardioQ-EDM™, has been proven to reduce complications, shorten hospital length of stay, and lower costs for patients undergoing surgery.

The new research partnership, called the  Performance Improvement Research Collaborative (PIRC), will further evaluate the impact of enhanced recovery clinical practices to improve outcomes and lower costs. Enhanced recovery is a multidisciplinary treatment pathway that improves surgical care by coordinating evidence-based practices across specialties, providers and sites of service. A key component of enhanced recovery is optimizing fluid levels in patients undergoing surgery to maintain adequate blood flow to the organs.

A recent preliminary study within Premier’s QUEST® Comparative Effectiveness & Innovation Program (QCEIP) suggests that using an enhanced recovery protocol improved care for patients undergoing colorectal surgery at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). Deltex Medical’s CardioQ™ Doppler guided fluid management monitor was used in DUMC’s enhanced recovery program. According to study results, which are currently under peer review, patients treated with an enhanced recovery protocol experienced reductions in length of stay, readmissions, costs, and complications such as urinary tract infections and surgical site infections. A key component of the protocol is Deltex Medical’s Doppler monitor for evidence-based fluid optimization. Peer reviewed results from the study are expected to be published later in 2013.

The enhanced recovery QCEIP study was designed and conducted in conjunction with DUMC to evaluate Doppler guided fluid management and clinical interventions in a hospital setting. QCEIP generates objective results to inform providers and patients about safe, cost-effective treatments for certain clinical conditions. It also helps the healthcare community better understand patient outcomes associated with the use of certain technologies. Based on such positive results, Deltex Medical and Premier will initiate the next phase of the program, a PIRC focusing further on the care delivered to colorectal surgery patients. They will work together with three to five pilot alliance member hospitals to implement enhanced recovery protocols and ultimately determine the optimal care for the  appropriate patient at the right time. The overall purpose of these collaboratives is to help providers better understand, monitor and deliver high-quality, patient-centered care. “We look forward to seeing the even greater results that can be delivered by taking the key elements of this retrospective analysis and applying that research prospectively in a real-world environment to significantly improve patient care,” said Ewan Phillips, CEO at Deltex Medical.

The PIRC and QCEIP programs leverage Premier Research Services’ expertise and information within PremierConnect™, a technology platform that benchmarks patient-level quality and financial data with national standards. The platform accesses the nation’s largest outcomes database with information on 1 in 4 U.S. hospital discharges, 2.5 million real-time clinical transactions daily and nearly $43 billion in annual purchasing data. Premier Research Services and Premier data have been featured in more than 300 peer-reviewed publications.

Shortening hospital stays, reducing re-admission rates and lowering costs. A popular and recurring list of benefits that are surely a sign of the times.

Source: Premier

—Tom Finn


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